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Due to the advancement and growth in technology, everyday most of the business entrepreneurs and common man make use of social networking sites as a platform to advertise business and search for certain opportunities which improves life. If you too are in search of certain ways to advertise your products and services, then you have web-smart at your service. As our dedicated staff and employees present the top social networking sites which provide an effective platform for your business, you just need to know the ways about how to advertise on Google and reach to more people in an efficient and quick way.

Make the most use of social networking sites

As you know, the world wide web has presented a unique stage to present your business and this has given a chance for many web developers to help the businessmen with top social networking sites which are more in demand and worthy for business investments.

Every day, the majority of people spend their time in search of different products online from the comfort of their home through handy devices. This has made us to design special tools for easy navigation of the page and crest the networking profile and develop in profit making online.

How Digital Video is Used

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  3. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Web Analytics

Content Marketing With Video

Digital Marketing Videos is estimated to attract more than 80% of the entire web traffic in 2019. Your click through rates can get a boost thoroughly if you add a video to your marketing emails.

Conversion rates do increase by about 80% provided you place good videos on landing pages

More than 85% customers have reported that product videos have helped them make decisions regarding to purchase

You Tube has reported that mobile video consumption grows by 100% on a yearly basis.

65% of customers are more likely to buy products online after watching the videos

Around 85% of online marketers make use of video content while making their digital marketing strategies.

Videos tend to attract a record number of people and most of them spend a lot of time online watching videos.

Decision makers in a company also tend to watch a video instead of reading the text before taking any vital decision

Markets Available –

Digital video is one of the fastest growing alternative advertising categories. The larger markets have had the networks for some time, but now digital screens have grown into some of the smaller markets as well. The technology has become more affordable, and the smaller, local companies in those markets that have always had indoor advertising in local restaurants, health clubs and bars are starting to implement the digital networks’ advertising programs.

Not only are the digital networks growing geographically, but also by venue. Today, an advertiser can reach customers at the horse track, doctors’ offices, veterinarians’ offices, transit venues and school campuses.

New Technology –

Some of the new technology is evident in the interactive displays as well as the measurement of shopper engagement. An advertiser can find out who actually looked at the displays, the percentage of shoppers who were engaged, and even when (time/day) the customer looked at the ad message.

Digital spectaculars and other forms of outdoor video advertising are growing in almost every major DMA. As the technology continues to become more affordable and the ROI increases, many smaller companies will get on board with digital video.

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